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Diabetes or the medical term Diabetes melitus is a group of diseases with high blood glucose levels which result from defects in a persons ability to make or use insulin. Millions have been diagnosed, many …

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Space Oddity Music Video from ISS

May 13, 2013 – 4:33 pm | No Comment

Space Oddity Music Video from ISS

Canadian Astronaut, Chris Hadfield fulfills a dream in becoming a real life “Major Tom”. In this video, Hadfield plays guitar and sings David Bowie’s famous song “Space Oddity” during his busy time aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Good news is that he did not become lost in space (like the Major Tom character in the original Bowie song lyrics). Hadfield came back safe to earth on May 13, 2013 from his five month mission as Commander of the ISS. Congratulations!!!

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